A.C., known artistically as Alex Cross, is a composer, producer, and guitar performer. 

Born in Rome, he embarked on a musical journey that transcended borders, living in various countries across Europe and America. Along the way, he absorbed diverse cultures and musical styles enriching his creative palette.

After years of composing and performing abroad, Alex Cross recently conceived the idea to unite music masters and friends from around the world. Under his guidance, they would interpret the melodies he crafted during his travels.

Alex Cross’s musical project centers around a captivating trilogy album titled “Stories from Life”. This trilogy unfolds across three distinct chapters:

“Crosswords”: In this initial chapter, Alex collaborates with international artists such as Claudio Pietronik, Loida Liuzzi, Pascal Caraballo, Rafael Suncar, and Ivanova Casimiro.

As we progress through the trilogy, more talents will join this creative journey in the following chapters called “Hearts” and “Unity”. 

Each album weaves a unique narrative where listeners are invited on a cyclical voyage, mirroring the ebb and flow of life itself.

Alex Cross’s compositions serve as elegies, celebrating life through the universal language of music. His craftsmanship extends to performances and recording standards, ensuring the heartfelt transmission of emotions to listeners. The prism of musical genres he explores is unified by a singular approach: storytelling.

Immerse yourself in this rich tapestry of sounds, where boundaries dissolve, and the human experience resonates deeply. But the journey doesn’t end there: visual arts also play an integral role. Talented art designers contribute to enhancing the project’s visual dimension, creating an immersive artistic encounter.

Alex Cross invites us to explore, listen, and feel a harmonious fusion of music and heartfelt expressions.