Like a cryptic puzzle, the album unfolds its enigma through musical notes: in the hush of dawn, where shadows kiss the cobblestone streets, “Crosswords” begins. The first clue: a minor chord, inked in curiosity. Musicians step onto the grid, their musical voices are weaving across staves. Across and down, the melody unfurls, a labyrinth of questions and answers. Each note, a letter etched in longing.

The cryptic squares hold secrets: the taste of rain on parched lips, the echo of footsteps fading into memory. And there, in the center square, lies the heart of it all, a riddle whispered by the wind. “What is life but a crossword?”

The clues lie in laughter shared, in tears unshed. And as the sun climbs higher, the crosswords nears completion.

It is a symphony of intersections, a bridge between souls, a dance of ink and air. So, listen closely and trace the lines with your heart. For in these notes, you’ll find your own crossword, the map to your existence.

May the music of “Crosswords” guide you through the labyrinth of life, dance with us upon the grid of existence, revealing hidden answers and echoing the universal quest for meaning.


Unfolds like a tapestry woven by time-traveling hands. It paints a vision of a future world, where the hues of existence persist, yet with convulsive and glorious modernity. Imagine a canvas stretched across the horizon, brushed with vibrant strokes. The sunsets bleed...


An instrumental rock ballad that weaves the fabric of human experience. It begins with the echo of an untraveled path, a step withheld, a word unsaid, or a chance unseized. The notes resonate with the weight of missed opportunities. Suddenly anger and pain emerge,...


In the delicate interplay of melody and brushstroke, we find solace, a reminder that our connections with others, even when they lead to farewells, remain etched in our hearts. Our pilgrim hearts will always carry the weight of shared memories, laughter, and tears....


Have you ever felt that moment? Abandonment: everything continues to exist, nothing is denied but it does not cover you neither joy nor pain, it's only being, a surrender to beauty.


“What is life but a crossword?” Alex Cross unravels the enigma. Each clue, a fragment of experience; each answer, a revelation. We traverse across, filling in the blanks, seeking coherence in the chaos. The grid expands, mirroring our journey, a dance of letters, a...


A haunting rock ballad that echoes through the corridors of memory, pays homage to the classic rock music of yesteryears. Its notes, like faded photographs, capture the essence of vinyl records and dusty cassette tapes. Picture a dimly lit room, adorned with posters...


Echoes the ancient tale of valor and sacrifice. Its notes, like the heartbeat of a marathon runner, mirror the footsteps of an Athenian soldier racing against time and fate. Picture the sun-drenched plains of Marathon, where the clash of spears and shields...


We all love it, in all his guise. You will hear here my preferred version: joyful and unanimous, a choral victory.


Imagine a night among friends, when you and those around you are immersed in the same lights, illuminated by the same colors. The sounds surround the stories and the speeches that follow each other. The time freezes, there is an uncommon harmony so that everyone leads...


In the hush of twilight, where the horizon kisses eternity, Alex Cross cradles his guitar, a vessel for unspoken stories. His fingers trace the frets, and the strings sing secrets. The rock stands sentinel, a weathered guardian. Its surface etched by time, mirrors the...