An instrumental rock ballad that weaves the fabric of human experience. It begins with the echo of an untraveled path, a step withheld, a word unsaid, or a chance unseized. The notes resonate with the weight of missed opportunities.

Suddenly anger and pain emerge, entwining like ivy, gripping the heart. They dance across the staves, demanding attention. The crescendo tightens, pulling you into their tempest.

Finally you seek refuge in the illusion, a fragile sanctuary where alternate realities bloom.

You imagine a parallel existence: the road taken, the words spoken, the triumphs celebrated. In this imagined realm, what would life have been? The music shifts, painting this different reality with strokes of longing and possibility.

These three states: memory, anger, and imagination, interlace without judgment. They are the threads of our shared humanity, woven into the tapestry of existence. We’ve all stood at this crossroads, felt the ache of what might have been, and found solace in the melodies of acceptance.