Ivanova is a versatile artist who has woven her life with threads of music from an early age in the beautiful city of Santiago de los Caballeros. 🎶🌟 She is a violinist, composer, director of multiple musical groups, and a teacher, and her passion for music has been her guiding star over the years.

Her musical journey began in 1980 when she participated in a popular guitar workshop at the Padre Fortín School in Santiago. Later, her violin studies were shaped at the Liceo Musical de Bellas Artes in the same city, where she demonstrated her talent by securing the second place in a violin competition at the Carol Morgan School Music Festival in 1988. Additionally, she participated in various retreats, playing guitar, singing, and percussion, infusing her own personal touch into popular compositions.

Ivanova has been tireless in her pursuit of musical knowledge, taking courses and workshops in percussion, recorder, flute, and Suzuki Method violin at the Center of Culture in Santiago. Her studies also led her to the Musical Lyceum of Fine Arts, where she delved into music reading and piano. In both places, she shone in festivals and concerts.

Her dedication led her to study with outstanding professors like Apolinar Bueno and Yolanda Janchar, advancing to higher-level violin studies at the Gocessa School of Music under the guidance of Professor Hipólito Javier, a master of the Fine Arts with a rich background from the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, Russia, and the National School of Kharkov in Kiev, Ukraine.

Ivanova didn’t stop there; in 2001, she continued her musical quest in Barcelona, immersing herself in jazz and modern music at the Taller de Músics. She even participated as a violinist in a quartet in the play “Paradís” at the Institut del Teatre in the same city.

Ivanova’s musical journey is a testament to perseverance and passion, an inspiring example of how music can be a lifelong journey. 🌍🎵 What inspires you most about Ivanova’s story? Share your thoughts in the comments! 📖🎻