In the realm of music, Feliciano Zacchia is a true virtuoso. Pianist, keyboardist, accordionist, and arranger, his passion for the keys is undeniable. 🎹❤️

Specializing in teaching popular music and piano/keyboard technique, Feliciano is an expert in improvisation applied to contemporary styles. His jazz and fusion compositions are a testament to his deep musical knowledge. Whether in the studio or on stage, his skill as a performer and arranger shines brightly. 🎶✨

Beyond his musical prowess, Feliciano is the author of books like “The Keyboard Factory Book,” covering everything from basic to professional levels of technique and performance in popular music, and “Keyboard Skills Factory Book” for piano technique and accompaniment. His dedication to music education is truly inspiring. 📚🎓

Not only is he a accomplished musician, but also a certified sound technician and sound designer by Steinberg Technology. With a diploma in theory and solfeggio and a level 6 music teaching diploma, his expertise and knowledge are invaluable. 🎤🔊

Join us in celebrating Feliciano Zacchia’s mastery and passion for the keys, and tell us about your favorite musical piece where you’ve enjoyed his talent. 🎵🌟